Home Again 2012

Starting in the early 1970ís, new folks arrived on the shores of PEI.  We came from all over north America  and we settled in various townships and rural spots throughout the Island. We came seeking a simpler life, one that allowed us to live on the land.  We created communities, friendships, employment, children and lasting memories.

From Breadalbane to Souris, Montague to Wood Islands, Vernon River to BelleRiver... groups of friends sprouted up as fast as the seeds we planted in the earth.  We learned from each other and we learned so much from those Islanders who welcomed us and taught us about life on PEI.

We started dairy farms, planted acres of vegetables, kept  hundreds of hives of bees, managed blueberry fields and U-pick strawberries.   We were potters, carpenters, fishers, musicians, electricians, journalists, marketers.  We were young when we arrived and now nearly 40 years has passed. 

Many of us stayed and are valued members of the communities in which we live.  Many others left for pastures beyond, although itís hard to imagine that anyone found  anything quite as green as here on PEI.